Your Professional Guide to 2018 Trends

Your Professional Guide to 2018 Trends


Contributor: Katie Karpinski 

With the New Year right around the corner, everyone is already looking to see what trends will take force in 2018. (I, for one, am hoping that leisure-wear soon becomes suitable work attire. A stretch—I know, but we can all dream!) Keep reading to learn more about 2018’s approaching trends and how your business can benefit.

Live Streaming

Comfort—we all strive for it. So why attend an event, lecture, or concert when you can watch live from the comfort of your own home? Live streaming has become a digital phenomenon, with usage ranging from grassroots social influencers to being used by major news networks. As viewers become more and more comfortable with this medium, it’s important to brainstorm possible uses you may have for this new platform. People not only enjoy watching live events, but they also appreciate viewing product trials and demonstrations. Whether you sell a product or service, livestreaming is sure to be a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy in the coming years. (Make sure to check out the Professional Development Center’s live streams here.)

Artificial Intelligence

This trend can’t come as a shock to most people—AI has been on the rise not just in the business world, but in private life as well. With GoogleHome, Amazon Echo, and countless other AI products available, people are learning to not only use artificial intelligence in their daily routines, but to expect some type of technological interaction on a daily basis. For businesses, AI poses a unique opportunity and threat. There are obvious cost saving benefits of using artificial intelligence, however businesses must also be careful to not replace too many positions. This tricky trend is sure to make more headway in 2018.

Problem solving

Traditionally, marketers have been told to push one thing: benefits. While marketing will always involve communicating the benefits of a given product or service, an emerging trend is threatening this classic technique. Instead of looking for completely new processes and ground-breaking innovations, customers are now looking for simple solutions to everyday problems. In fact, the popular publication, Real Simple, did an entire segment on this idea. Read that article here. The bottom line is that people aren’t looking to change their routine or learn how to operate a complex device that may or may not make life easier. People are looking for ways to simply enhance and improve their current way of life. For innovators and marketers alike, this new philosophy is important to keep in mind for 2018.

Millennials will rise to power

You know those young millennials people like to complain about? Well they’re not so young anymore. In fact, the eldest members of the demographic group are now reaching their mid-thirties! So what does this mean? It means that more and more management and upper level positions will be handed over to millennials. It also means that the approaching generation Z will be entering the workforce soon. The introduction of Gen Z also poses a unique challenge to HR professionals, who will soon need to cater to 4 diverse generations in the workplace. Employer/Employee expectations, work habits, and priorities differ greatly between these various groups, surely causing some major changes in how the workplace functions. Which brings us to our next point…

Rise in remote workers

Working remotely has certainly been rising in popularity. This trend is mainly spearheaded by millennial workers, who value autonomy and a more relaxed work atmosphere. The rapid advancement of technology and universal communication has also helped this trend rise in popularity, as it becomes easier and easier to work remotely. Now, there is certainly some discussion as to whether or not this trend is actually more productive, but one thing’s for sure: it’s not going away. For companies looking to recruit millennials, or for those simply looking to embrace the digital age, offering a more flexible and adaptable work environment is key heading into 2018.

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