What's Happening - November 7, 2016

Contributor: Adrian Rutt
Smell that? That's the smell of education in the morning. The cogs of the Cleveland State College of Business are cranking off the dried grease of the weekend, and rolling once again.
Today it seems there's an atmosphere of seriousness: when I inadvertently hear conversations between students a tone of urgency is afoot. This, of course, replacing the casual, free-spirited conversations that accompany the beginning of the semester - the time when you can always "make things work." In other words, finals are coming.
Perhaps I'm just a bit worried about finals and final papers myself, and I'm simply projecting my worry onto everyone else. A sort of "I hope they're just as miserable and anxious as I am!" attitude.
That said, having Friday off will be a relief. Cheers, to all the veterans!