What's Happening -November 4, 2016

Contributor: Adrian Rutt


For one thing, everybody—and I mean everybody—wears headphones. Walking around the College of Business this morning I realized that there wasn’t a single person without headphones in. Of course not counting the gathering of accountants meeting about God knows what in the boardroom. They were paying attention. I wonder what a gathering of accountants is called? Is there an English word for that?


Walking from the boardroom, through the sea of headphones and zombies, I found my way to the Bonda Room in the College of Urban Affairs. I think I was unconsciously led by the smell of M&Ms and coffee. ‘Why were there M&Ms and coffee in the Bonda Room?’ I asked myself as a shoveled a handful of those little round treats into my mouth and loaded up the Keurig at 9 A.M. Well as fate would have it, ProDev was having a class in there today—Influencing Change to be exact. Do the people in the class know that the only thing anyone really needs to be influenced is some food; M&Ms and Goldfish to be precise.


As I walked back to my office, I was struck by the morning light beaming in through the giant bay windows. I thought to myself, I wonder how a great novelist would describe this beautiful scene? That’s really all I thought—I’m not a great novelist, so how the heck should I know how he or she would describe it?