What's Happening? - November 14

Fresh off a three-day weekend, I find myself staring down the barrel of a school season in full swing. Meaning, Monday is presenting me with three Professional Development classes to prepare for: Powerful Presentations, Critical Conversations, and Social Media Marketing. Can you imagine how much smarter you'd be if you could take all three at once?

These classes above are concerned with both incredibly important topics as well as incredibly interesting ones, at least worth a glance if any of these titles pique your interest.

As an office that values feedback and is fueled by creative and original ideas, I began to wonder what people's favorite classes have been, and why. Comment below, we are genuinely interested in knowing! If you don't comment below I will be forced to stop each and every one of you and ask. And yes, we know who you are... Just kidding, of course. Kind of.