What's Happening- Cleveland Tableau at CSU

What's Happening- Cleveland Tableau at CSU

Contributor: Katie Karpinski 

On December 5th, the Cleveland Tableau User Group will be hosting their final meeting of the semester here at Cleveland State University. Two of the group’s leaders, Mark Rogozinski and Jeremey Paytas were kind enough to take a quick call with me this week regarding Tableau and the user group specifically. Both proud CSU alums, Rogozinski and Bradbourne both spoke passionately about the program and user group and what a marvelous tool it is for those familiar with the Tableau system.

For those who aren’t familiar with Tableau (don’t feel bad, I wasn’t either until this interview!) it is a program used to create data visualization graphics. Both Rogozinski and Bradbourne expressed the growing need for tableau users in today’s market. Not only is the tool cost effective and extremely secure, but it also communicates information in a way that answers questions quickly and effectively. When speaking with Mark and Jeremey about tableau, they each mentioned how utilizing tableau helped them in their respective fields. Mark, who has spent most of his career in the statistics and analytics field said that Tableau changed his workflow completely. After just a day of familiarizing himself with the program, he was posting dashboards to the server. On the other hand, Jeremey comes from the field of marketing. Tableau has helped him measure and report ROI of specific marketing campaigns.

The pair also emphasized the growing Tableau community and increased need for Tableau users. They described the Tableau user group as a vibrant community of people. The group utilizes online tools to share information, tips, and suggestions regarding various “Viz’s” (visualization graphics). For both students and professionals alike, the user group offers a plethora of resources, such as advanced Tableau information, networking opportunities, and in some cases even job offers!

In case you’re still a bit confused (again, I know I was!) I asked Mark and Jeremey to describe Tableau in just one sentence. Here were their responses:

“Tab represents the leading cutting edge tool in data research for research and analysis” – Mark Rogozinski

“Industry leader in business intelligence platform that enables users to create data visualizations to help their businesses grow and prosper” –Jeremey Paytas


For anyone hoping to gain a competitive advantage, whether you’re a marketer, an analysist, or CEO—Tableau is a great tool to have in your belt.


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**As University Offices will be closed the remainder of the week, on behalf of the Professional Development Office, we wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!