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Web Design Certificate

  (Students must register in each individual course seperately or call 216.687.6957.)

Certificate Description

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.”

 ― Cameron Moll

Web designs that focus on functional user interface design (UI) and the user experience (UX) can differentiate a company from its competitors.Good user interface design is a critical part of the success of any website. The User Interface (UI) Web Designer Certificate is designed to provide students with the knowledge they need to design and implement effective, dynamic websites that focus on form but importantly, function.

User Interface (UI) Web Designer Certificate is for working adults who seek to gain the skills and competency to advance into a career in front-end web design. The UI Designer Certificate is a rigorous program that is based on a set of beliefs that views the web designer as a communications professional, sets high quality standards, encourages the development of the designer's personal voice, features design as a way of thinking, emphasizes real-world preparation, and promotes social responsibility.

Classes are taught in the evening and supplemented with a series of learning experiences. Certificate graduates compete for and obtain jobs in all areas of the industry, including web design studios and agencies with the highest design standards and reputation.

Who Should Attend

This certificated is designed for:

  • Anyone looking to create robust, functional websites
  • Entrepreneurs who need to create a website for their small business
  • Students looking to get started in the field of software development

Certificate Objectives

  • Learn to code using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Create & Optimize Graphics
  •  Learn about Mobile and Responsive Websites
  •  Expand your site with PHP and MySQL
  •  Distinguished faculty, graphic designers and software developers provide expert instruction
  •  Program focuses on front-end design and introduces students to middleware and database connectivity

 Coursework for the Certificate

 A certificate is awarded after completion of each of the required courses. Students must register in each individual course seperately or call 216.687.6957. This provides students the opportunity to move at their own pace.


Completion Time:  Completion time is dependent on several factors. The average completion time for this certificate program is one to two semesters or 3-6 months.