Telling your Brand's Story through Video

Telling Your Brand's Story through Video

Contributor: Katie Karpinski

Show don’t tell. If you’ve ever sat through a creative writing class you know what I’m talking about. This idea of “showing” rather than “telling” has been around for some time, and is considered to be a rather fundamental skill of any story-teller. Why? Because “showing” is an immersive experience. It enters into the reader’s senses, giving them the sights, sounds, and even imaginary smells of whatever environment they’re entering. It connects the reader to the story, and thereby communicates effectively. As marketers, we are called to be the story-tellers of our brand. And, while we may not be writing novels about our products and services, we still have the opportunity to create this unique connection with our customers through another visual form: video.

Consumption of video content is certainly on the rise with nearly 1/3 of online activity dedicated to watching videos. Those creative writing professors had it right-- people are looking for content that engages their senses. Not only that, but video is proven to foster more user response and engagement. Check out these quick stats:

Nearly 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others and social media video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

This upward trend in video is only expected to increase in the coming years; and it’s estimated by 2019 that video traffic will account for 80% of all online consumer traffic. So what does this mean for marketers? It means that it’s time to hone in on those editing skills and create more space for video in your content marketing plan.

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