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Sales Professional Certificate

  (Students must register in each individual course seperately or call 216.687.6957.)

Certificate Description


“The key in mastering any kind of sales is switching statements about you and how great you are and what you do, to statements about them, and how great they are and how they will produce more and profit more from ownership of your product or service”

 -Jeffrey Gitomer


Great salespeople are the engine of every economy in the world.  However Selling without a process is like fishing with a rod and reel instead of a net. You’ll catch some, but it takes more work and time.  A proven process delivers consistent results. The Sales Professional Certificate program reflects the core Sales competencies and is designed to focus on increasing business by building relationships and helping buyers become more successful.

Who Should Attend

  • Salespeople in every industry and segment of the sales process can benefit from this certificate
  • Reps, brokers, direct sales, distributors, and sales managers
  • Anyone that calls on customers will leave with sales skills and ways to increase their business
  • Potential candidates for sales positions who want to build and revitalize their existing selling skills. 

 Certificate Key Features

  • Explore your Sales style through the EVERYTHING DiSC evaluation tool
  • Examine the FranklinCovey Sales Performance Group methodology
  • Distinguished faculty, consultants and proven sales professional provide expert instruction
  • Program focuses on three levels of the sales process: relationships, strategy and closing the deal

Coursework for the Certificate

A certificate is awarded after completion of each of the required courses. Students must register in each individual course seperately or call 216.687.6957. This provides students the opportunity to move at their own pace. 

Certificate Objectives

  •  Understand how buyer and seller behaviors impact the sales process
  •  Understand the Key Beliefs of the sales process
  •  Drive the right conversations with clients early in the sales process
  •  Fish Where the Fish Are
  •  Transition from Tactical to Strategic
  •  Organize and Manage Sales Data
  • Initiating Opportunities
  • Qualifying the Opportunity
  • Needs Analysis (the deeper dive)
  • Proposal Development
  • Closing the Deal
  • Managing Delivery/Implementation
  • Expanding the Relationship

 Completion Time:  Completion time is dependent on several factors. The average completion time for this certificate program is one to two semesters or 3-6 months.