Prototyping with Maker Electronics (Online) | Cleveland State University Professional Development Center in Cleveland


Prototyping with Maker Electronics (Online)

Course Description

This class will survey and give you a start in understanding what you will need to learn to create awesome electronics projects for your makerspace, home or classroom. The course will include electronics like those in the Arduino ecosystem of microprocessors such as sensors, LEDs and other components. We will also cover the sewable circuits that are the underpinning of interactive fashion garments. You will also learn how to find and sort through the many free resources online.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Get an overview of the electronics commonly used in maker-type projects including Arduino-compatible components and fashion-oriented sewable circuits.
  • Understand how projects make it possible to build up several skills at once.
  • Learn where the open-source and free resources can be found to learn more.

Course Content

What are maker electronics?

  • The maker movement philosophy of learning iteratively
  • Applications
  • Technologies that you will learn about in this class
  • What makes a project easy, intermediate or hard.

Basics of maker electronics: hardware

  • Open-source standards
  • Getting started with Arduino microprocessor hardware
  • Basic circuits: Ohm’s Law
  • Components: resistors, LEDs, sensors
  • Where to learn more

Basics of maker electronics: software

  • How to program Arduino and similar systems
  • Basic project ideas
  • Where you can learn more.

Fashion Tech

  • Making sewable circuits
  • Wearable circuits: Flora, sensors and neopixels
  • Designing interactive garments and accessories
  • Where you can learn more.



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $245