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MaryAnn Lawrence


I continue my almost 20-year career of teaching undergraduate and graduate course in business law, bank management, financial statement analysis, markets and institutions and principles of finance at Cleveland State University.

I am retired three years ago after over 25 years of responsibility for credit evaluation specialists who independently gauged the quality, collectability, and grading stratification of the commercial loan portfolio by in depth analysis of financial statements along with industry and economic data. The department created and tested models used to value firms and provided sensitivity analysis. CRR evaluates the effectiveness and the awareness of risks related to credit policies, information systems and portfolio management practices of line of business managers. CRR also audited the credit process. They were also responsible for nontraditional credit risks such as those from capital markets activities, vendor relationships, payment systems and enterprise risk management. The Board of Directors and the most senior levels of management along with banking regulators from the Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency received these assessments and recommendations.

Because of my credit expertise as well as my knowledge of accounting and how bankers use financial statements, I served during the six-year tenor of the Private Company Financial Reporting Committee of the Financial Accounting Standard Board. I continue to act as a consultant to FASB and RMA. I have and continue to present audio conferences on accounting updates for RMA.

I have BA in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace University, MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University with a concentration in Banking and Finance, and ABD in finance from Cleveland State University. I am a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.