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Introduction to Inbound Marketing (Online)

Course Description

Inbound marketing is a process of using your website in a way that it attracts visitors naturally through search engines, the blogosphere, and social media. The average human today is inundated with more than 2000 outbound marketing interruptions per day – and we’re all figuring out how to block them. Caller ID, spam filters, TiVo, and satellite radio are all things we use today so that we can avoid being marketed to. In this course, you will discover how to attract customers to your site, what kind of content to share with them, how to use landing pages and forms to collect names and email address, and how to implement lead-nurturing campaigns that result in sales.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Provide a thorough understanding of Inbound marketing.
  • Address the challenges and opportunities in building and executing an Inbound marketing plan.
  • Explain the best techniques of using social media, websites, email, and search engine optimization to further your Inbound marketing efforts.
  • Provide the skills to make sure your potential customers find you in the digital world.
  • Know how to utilize Inbound marketing as a tool to attract leads.
  • Possess the skills to develop relationships with your leads and turn them into customers.
  • Have the ability to create good website and blog content including calls to action that create strong customer conversions.
  • Take away the knowledge of how to use social media, SEO, and content to sell your product or service.

Course Content

What inbound marketing is and does

  • Inbound versus outbound marketing – a history
  • Why outbound marketing doesn’t work as well as it used to
  • Why inbound marketing works -Basic SEO – how our potential customers find you online

Your inbound marketing plan

  • Creating an inbound marketing plan
  • Creating a powerful website – the cornerstone of your inbound marketing effort
  • Creating a blog – why you need one and what it can do for you
  • Creating calls to action and landing pages

Generating Traffic

  • The best ways to help the right people find you
  • Social media – what goals to set and what platforms to focus on
  • How to get people to convert from just being a visitor to your site to becoming a lead
  • Benchmarks and conversion rates

 Lead Nurturing

  • Lead Nurturing basics
  • Why you shouldn’t try to close the sale on the first website visit
  • How to write effective drip email campaigns
  • Is there such a thing as too many emails?
  • Email benchmarks – open rates, click through rates, bounce rates



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $195