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Infographics (Online)

Course Description

After taking this course in “Infographics”, students will be exposed to a powerful, concise way to present information. The course begins with a history of Infographics and the types of infographics used in Business, Education and Industry. Students will be exposed to Pinterest and other web-based sources of infographics. The course proceeds to an exposure to various user-friendly infographic creation websites. Students will learn the basics of designing infographics and be able to make their own simple infographic.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Introduce professionals to the field of infographics and Data Visualization
  • Find web-based infographics
  • Know the types of infographics
  • Plan an infographic
  • Make a simple infographic
  • Present an infographic
  • Become familiar with the field of Infographics and Data Visualization
  • Locate infographics websites
  • Identify the types of infographics

Course Content

Introduction to Infographics

  • History of Infographics
  • Purpose of Infographics
  • Types of Infographics

Web-based Infographics

  • Pinterest
  • Infographic of the Day 

Deconstructing Infographics

  • Sketch a story
  • Titles and Descriptions
  • Maps, Graphs, Charts and Timelines
  • Icons and Pictures

Make an Infographic

  • Piktochart
  • Present your infographic



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $195