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Google + (Online)

Course Description

Google+ has surpassed Twitter to become the second largest social network next to Facebook. Discover the best ways to use this popular and emerging social media platform to raise your online profile, and connect with current and potential new contacts. You’ll learn the advantages of using Google+, how it can help your organization to engage existing users, and grow your base and techniques for using the platform to create relationships, and expand your reach and knowledge in particular subject matter areas.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Provide a thorough understanding of Google+ and how it can be used and leveraged.
  • Explain how to build a Google+ page, and address the challenges and opportunities in building a following and communicating effectively within the network.
  • Explain the best techniques to use Communities, Hangouts, and other Google+ functions to raise the profile of your organization
  • Address how to build a Google+ network, and choose who you follow.
  • Provide the knowledge to brand your organization on Google+, offer tips on best practices and what to avoid.
  • Know how to use Google+ as a networking, marketing and knowledge-building tool.
  • Better engage existing clients and develop new relationships in the Google world, expanding the online and real-world reach of your organization.
  • Know how to use the platform and its major functions to create, share and discover.
  • Expand the reach of your brand beyond older social media platforms to newer, emerging platforms.

Course Content

What makes Google+ Unique

  • Why Use Google +? What makes it unique
  • How to Use Google +
  • Creating Posts and Messages
  • Sharing, and Google+ integration with other social media

Bringing More Traffic to your Site

  • How Google + will bring more traffic to your site
  • Developing relationships in Google +
  • How to get your content posted and reshared -Tips and tricks

Connecting with Communities

  • Using Google+ Communities to connect with focused organizations, and highly interested and engaged users
  • Contributing to Communities to offer resources
  • Learning from Communities to gain additional knowledge and skills

Stars: Advanced Tips

  • Using Google + as a conversation tool
  • Using Hangouts to broadcast your message
  • How to use Google + for all of your social media
  • What to Avoid: Google Negatives.HR/Employer Recordkeeping Requirements.



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $195