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Cash is King (Online)

Course Description

Cash is arguably the most important factor in business success. D&B reports 90% of all small business failures are due to poor cash flow—more money gets paid out than collected. It is the non-financial manager who really makes a difference in the day-to-day cash activities. Discover how to maximize cash flow, learn the importance of cash and find out your role in cash flow success.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Clearly communicate the importance of cash in business.
  • Identify a business’s cash-critical stage.
  • Provide a review of possible internal and external sources of cash.
  • Show participants how to read a cash flow statement and cash flow report
  • Possess with the knowledge to use the cash cycle to identify potential improvements.
  • Estimate the amount of cash needed and appropriate timing for three years.
  • Have the knowledge needed to approach potential funding sources.
  • Understand your company’s cash activities and your own role in improving cash flow.
  • Reveal cash needs based on a three year estimate of cash sources and uses.
  • Consider cash management ideas to improve cash flow through improved business activities.
  • Consider potential external cash sources and ways to approach them for funding.

Course Content

Cash Flow Strategies

  • Why cash is so important in business
  • What are the cash-critical stages in business
  • What internal sources of cash are possible
  • What potential external sources of cash there are

Reporting and Evaluating Cash Flow

  • Review of the Cash Flow Statement
  • Review of Projected Cash Flow Report
  • What the Cash Cycle communicates
  • What improvements can be made to shorten the cash cycle
  • Calculating cash cycle

Projecting Cash Needs

  • How much cash the business needs
  • When cash injections are needed
  • Which cash needs will internal sources be able to cover
  • Which cash needs must be met through external sources
  • Making comparisons with other businesses in the same industry

Funding Requests

  • What debt sources of cash are possible
  • What are the potential equity sources of cash
  • What requirements different funding sources have
  • Making a pitch to investors
  • Approaching potential lenders for financing



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $195